At DHPR it’s “roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work”. Working closely with many Indigenous communities and organizations across the country, DHPR has honed the skills needed to lead and manage Indigenous engagement on behalf of companies committed to reconciliation.

The hard, tactical skills can be found in many but the soft skills of encouraging trust and building agreement are often harder to find. They are ingrained in ‘who we are’ at DHPR. With a humble confidence, our ability to genuinely connect with all stakeholders will benefit your company’s engagement goals. 


indigenous engagement

capacity development   

strategy and policy development

indigenous inclusion & procurement initiatives

progressive aboriginal relations certification (CCAB)

indigenous relations tool box

strategy creation for cross culture training

indigenous student co-op & internships

student mentoring with opportunity to move into employment

employee cultural competency training


Although in some industries it is not required for regulatory approvals, it is however, necessary to ensure a company continues to build trust and nurture relationships in order to earn the social license to operate within those communities.

Engaging in a conversation about DHPR’s qualifications is encouraged as words on a marketing piece or words on a web page cannot capture the many varied experiences. Countless requirements for this important initiative can be explained through stories of successes or stories of learning experiences, all of which are brought out in face to face conversations. That, we are certain, all can agree, is the true essence of real engagement. 

We also understand how important public perception is to communities and organizations. Both tend to be judged by the court of public opinion and each group tends to be painted by the same brush. Creating the plans to move forward with both stakeholders sharing the input, past stories can be rewritten and both stakeholders can ultimately share in the positive outcomes that they build themselves.

With a humble confidence, our ability to genuinely connect with all stakeholders will benefit your company’s engagement goals.



"Danielle’s drive and capacity to facilitate strong working relationships between Indigenous communities and industry has been evident throughout the time we have worked together.  Her get-up-and-go attitude and her passion for contributing to and enhancing economic and social development of Indigenous communities is infectious and effective."

Brook Carpenter

Indigenous Business Development & Relations

"Personally working with Danielle and DHPR, she's a very reputable woman with passion, drive and abundant knowledge.

Her work ethic and ability to develop long lasting relationships is certainly her driver."

Rose Paul

Director of Economic Development

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