indigenous relations

outreach. reach out. come together

Gaining support in the environment you operate needs purposeful interaction with the communities by building mutual understanding, trust and respect. 

Understandably, people don’t do business with companies- people do business with people. And they want to do business with people who care about them and their communities.

Indigenous relations islearning about the community through research and face to face conversations. It is finding out the pressure points, even if they are contentious. It is searching for the common ground even if it takes longer than anticipated. It is reaching out- to come together.

It’s always a good time to do the right thing.

  • foundation for proactive indigenous engagement
  • strategy and policy development
  • capacity development planning
  • indigenous employment & procurement initiatives
  • internal communication strategy planning
  • project information communications

indigenous and company development

collaboratively learn. collaboratively benefit 

When company and community come together to build projects, there is much learning- on both sides. What is normal and ingrained in one may be the opposite of what is normal and ingrained in another.

Working backward from the reasons why things are “done the way they are done” then both company and community can begin to understand the many differing points of view.

Most oftentimes the gap is really not that large, it just needs to be addressed and discussed. Understanding where each perspective is allows for greater acceptance of each point of view. This is where collaboration becomes extraordinary!

  • strategy creation for cross culture training
  • indigenous cultural awareness training for company employees
  • sharing of the company's "corporate culture" with the community to build confidence
  • progressive aboriginal relations certification (CCAB)

indigenous student mentoring & employment

mentor. build confidence. succeed

Ultimately the role of a consultant or a consulting firm is to "work ourselves right out of the job". This is where we get to share the students that we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to mentor.

With the many co-op and internship type of learning choices today, DHPR is committed to welcoming to our team indigenous students that have a passion for working with communities.

DHPR will mentor these students through the many facets of Indigenous relations. When the time is right for our clients, they will feel confident- and most likely attached- to one or more of our student employees. 

Those students will become the leaders in the Indigenous relations field and will move on to build upon those strategies and engagement initiatives that they, themselves, have built for our clients.

Our role, at DHPR, is to mentor the students, build them up and then watch them succeed as employees in our client companies.

There is nothing more exciting than to see our youth achieve success while doing their part in reconciliation! 

  • indigenous student co-op, internship and summer employment opportunities
  • student mentoring with opportunity to move into employment
  • clients will have the opportunity to grow with the students as they build their Indigenous Relations Toolbox
  • students mentoring with DHPR will be ready for recruitment when our clients want to build a team internally
  • DHPR students could ultimatelybecome the leaders of the Indigenous departments of our clients

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